The Secrets in the Perfect Application of Smokey Eye Makeup

The Secrets in the Perfect Application of Smokey Eye Makeup

The Secrets in the Perfect Application of Smokey Eye Makeup

Do you want to look seductive for your upcoming perfect date with a handsome coworker? Or do you like to impress your boss by looking gorgeous for your meeting? Or do you want to steal the spotlight for your homecoming or nightout at the local bar? Or do you want to look the best for a possible prom queen title? The questions all have the same answer: smokey eye makeup.

Eye make up Tip

Be like Angelina Jolie-make your eyes look huge and beautiful. You can achieve that look using smokey eye make up. Right now, you may not know how to do smokey eye makeup, but if you will follow the steps below, you will look as gorgeous as any celebrity on your mind. One very useful and important eye make up tip is that you can choose to beautify your eyes and downplay your lips. Use light or nude colors so that the onlookers will focus on your eyes but will still appreciate your lips.

Steps to Applying Smokey Eyes Makeup

The secret to making your smokey eye makeup stay on for hours is using a primer or eye makeup base. You have to be careful in choosing this product as you may end up with thick-looking eyelids. Also, choose a primer that matches your skin tone or just like that of your foundation.

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Next, apply a thin coat of a light-colored eye shadow-brown or black or gray. This will make a good base for your smokey look. However, for a more colorful option, you can use dark hues of brilliant colors such as purple and green to make a sparkled look. Smokey eyes do not use just one color; blend some hues lightly then smudge it to create the full effect. Smudge another color. Make sure that you are picking lighter colors. Add a lighter, still smudgy, color at the bottom lid.

Smokey eye makeup application does not stop with eye shadows. Next, you can add liquid eye liner or use eye shadow to create the line. Again, smudge it. You can also choose to use the traditional pencil but make sure that you sharpened the tip so that you will create an even line. However, for smokey eyes, add or smudge a bit of eye shadow to the line by using a brush made for this purpose.

Finishing the Smokey Eye Look

You can practice so that you can perfect the smokey eye look. You may use some free cosmetics to try out the correct blends. Now, after creating your eyes, add a volumizing mascara. You can try to add several coats using black mascara that will not smudge. Although a smudgy look is the goal here, smudgy mascara will only ruin the entire effect.

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If you want to look your best and steal the spotlight, you can do so even with just a simple black dress or a flowing white gown. The secret is in applying smokey eye make up that will make your eyes and your attire look seductive and sexy.

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