The Search for the Perfect Pair of Eyebrow Tweezers

The Search for the Perfect Pair of Eyebrow Tweezers

Before you even begin to consider plucking, make sure that you have a handy pair of tweezers.

Tweezing or plucking each hair from your eyebrow is daunting enough. This could be aggravated if you are using non-conforming, hard to control eyebrow tweezers.

The Problem with Eyebrow Hair Removal

Achieving the perfect shape for your eyebrows sounds easy when you are just reading about it. To actually attain it could be harder. You may be presented with various options but each one has its pros and cons. In the end, the decision on what method to use lies solely on you.

Eyebrow Plucking

Before eyebrow waxing was introduced and eyebrow threading was imported to the United States, there was eyebrow tweezing or plucking. This is performed with the use of eyebrow tweezers.

A lot of people are divided on what should be considered the best method of eyebrow hair removal. You may think it is tweezing but other people may believe it is threading. Some may even disagree on both counts and claim that waxing is the best.

No matter what the final decision may be, plucking or tweezing is still a popular choice among women. The traditional way of pulling hair one by one using tweezers has its benefits of being safe and causing less pain.

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Eyebrow Shapes

Experts advise that for initially shaping your eyebrows, you should consult a professional first. This way, you can convey to that person what are your preferences. In turn, she may also give you advise on what shapes would be suitable for your features. Afterwards, for maintenance of your eyebrow, use your tweezers to remove growing hair that may ruin the shape.

Some people prefer to shape their eyebrows on their own. There are a lot of articles that can guide you on how to do this properly. Plucking your eyebrow hair is tricky, though, so you must follow the directions carefully.

Some Eyebrow Tips

The best time to tweeze your brow is after taking a shower. During this time, hair follicles are loosened up and the pores are open. Plucking each hair will not be that painful.

To determine the shape of your brow, use an eyebrow pencil. Let it guide you on what shape is best for you.

For easier hair plucking, use a magnifying mirror. This way, you can see what hair needs to be pulled out. You will also avoid the need to squint your eyes just to pluck a hair.

For eyebrow tweezers, look for a pair that you can easily hold and manipulate. Do not be swayed by how it looks or be convinced by the salesperson. You should test it to see if it really works. You should be able to control your tweezers.

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I have may own pair of eyebrow tweezers, which I use for hair maintenance. It is made of stainless steel. I have been using it for years and it is very useful. It is unbranded since I just bought it from a local department store.

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