Dazzle the Eyes with Eye Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

The different eye makeup tips for blue eyes will ensure that you can always make your eyes dazzle. Blue eyes are very beautiful, but the problem is without proper eye makeup, they may turn out to be very cold or icy to look at. Worse, if you make use of the wrong makeup, the palettes will eventually hide the blue eyes away.

Eye Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

The best eye makeup for blue eyes will depend on a lot of things, such as the intensity of the blueness. The basic rule is to go for contrast. For example, if the color blue is so strong, then you need to pick lighter hues unless you want to do smokey eyes. If your blue eyes are light, then you can play around with darker colors.

You also need to consider the color of the hair. One of the eye makeup tips for blue eyes and brown hair will be to use more neutral colors such as champagne, taupe, gray, chocolate brown, and caramel.

It is common, though, to settle for the orange shades if you have blue eyes, including copper, orange, bronze, as well as rust. You can also settle for the purple shades such as violets to play off with the blue eyes, but you need to make sure that you do not go overboard with it. This way, you do not appear as if you just had a black eye. You can look even more glamorous if you prefer the brown tones.

How to Do Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

It will take awhile before you will be able to determine the most ideal eye makeup. So you better ensure you can practice a lot and play around with a lot of good colors. Nevertheless, there are several tutorials you can follow. Here is just one of them.

First you need to know the reason for putting up the makeup. If it is just a casual date on a late afternoon or a report to an office, it would be best to tone down the makeup regardless of the shade you picked. Get rid of the dramatic look. It is definitely best reserved for a night-time affair.

To get the daytime appearance, apply a lighter-colored metallic eyeshadow on top of the eyelids. Put some pink tints on the cheek, apply a lighter hue for your lipstick, and put on a liquid liner across your eyelashes.

More Eye Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

If you want to get plenty of blue eye makeup tips, you can obtain a lot of ideas, styles, and techniques when you browse online. It is even very convenient for you to also get many suggestions or eye makeup tips for brown eyes and green eyes. You can also add a fun element or a cool twist to your blue eye makeup. For instance, if you want to get it on to the winter season, you can make your blue eyes icier by using frosted colors.