Show Off Those Beautiful Eyes with Makeup Styles for Brown Eyes

If there’s one thing you need to know about makeup styles for brown eyes, it’s the fact that you do have a lot of choices. In fact, if you have such eye color, then you’re better off than those who have blue eyes or green eyes. The colors that would look good on them would still be stunning on you; however, not all shades for the brown eyes would complement blue and green eyes.

What you need to know is the best makeup styles for brown eyes—those that would really fit you.

Makeup Styles for Brown Eyes

What are the styles for brown eyes you can choose from? That actually depends on a lot of factors. In general, those with brown eyes can still get away with the brown shades, which are considered to be neutral. You simply need to determine the intensity of the brown shade you’re going to pick. Something light would go well if you are wearing makeup during daytime. On the other hand, you can certainly make your eyes pop if you’re wearing something darker during formal parties held in the evening.

Some of the makeup tips for brown eyes and brown hair would include the shades of bronze, shades of pink and gold, as well as rust. You will also look fabulous if you pick plum, vanilla, nutmeg, and shades of violet or purple. If you’re willing to have fun with your look, other makeup colors for brown eyes are the metallic tones.

Then you have the hazel eyes, which can be pretty tricky. The real color of the hazel eyes can be quite hard to determine, as the hues may range from green to blue and brown. You also have the other shades in between (such as light to dark green). Nevertheless, if you want your hazel eyes to appear more brown, you simply need to apply more brown in your eyeshadow.

If you have blonde hair with brown eyes, you can consider sporting darker mascara to emphasize the eyes.

Cute Makeup Styles for Brown Eyes

There are also styles that would make your makeup more fun to wear. For example, if you’re attending a homecoming at school, you can match the color of the eyeshadow with that of your dress. You just need to ensure you can blend the colors right. For weddings, you can add glitters or Swarovski crystals in the inner corners of the eyes, so the rest can see the sparkle.

If you’re a Japanese, you can make your eyes big and more expressive by opting for thicker colors for your eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. You just have to know when you’re getting overboard as you don’t want to look so gothic.

Finding More Inspiration for the Makeup Styles for Brown Eyes

There are definitely plenty of eye make up styles for brown eyes. If you wish to get more inspiration, you can always scour for great pictures online. A lot of celebrities too have brown eyes, such as Beyonce, Calista Flockhart, Demi Moore, and Eva Langoria.