How To Dye Eyebrows Without Looking Like You Did

How To Dye Eyebrows Without Looking Like You Did

Learning how to dye eyebrows does not have to be overwhelming or difficult to do. Yet, you must take precautions and keep yourself safe.

There are a number of problems that can result if you do not take care and end up harming your skin or even your eyes. If you have just dyed your hair color and would like to match your eyebrows to it, there are some excellent products on the market that can help you to do just that.

Coloring Eyebrows: Color Selection

The first thing to consider about how to dye eyebrows is the coloring. Individuals that have a light colored hair color will have light colored eyebrows. Those that have red hair, brown hair or black hair also have dark colored eyebrows. For example, if you have a light colored blonde or brown hair, look for an eyebrow color that is also light to medium brown in color. While perfect matching is not always possible, getting the colors close is.

How To Dye Eyebrows: Things To Consider

There are some essential tips that you need when you dye eyebrows. Take these things into consideration.

  • You can purchase permanent eyebrow dye, but be very careful with using it. It can sting and cause irritation quite extensively within the eye.
  • As an alternative to eyebrow dye, consider eyebrow dye tint. This is a dye that will allow you to lighten the color of your eyebrow through tinting rather than through permanent dye.
  • You can use facial bleaching cream (the regular product only) to lighten your eyebrow color. To dye eyebrow hair in this manner, apply a small amount over the eyebrow and let stand for no longer than one minute.
  • You can visit a salon dye for your eyebrows as well. This can help you to get it done safely, without any safety risk.
  • Consider tinted brow gels and powders to enhance the color of your eye color to make it look darker.
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Additional Tips To Consider. It is also very important for you to take some time to consider the right type of dye. Only use a safe dye for eyebrows, specially marked as such. If you try to use hair dye or men’s hair color products, not only will it look bad, but it will also cause irritation and potential eye hazards.

Coloring eyebrows is something you should be doing if you know how. It is always wise to take the safe route and to visit your local beauty salon, but when that is not an option or you want to do it on your own, always purchase safe products and use them as directed. You can have beautiful eyebrows to match your hair color.

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