Alternative Remedies for Your Acne

Alternative Remedies for Your Acne

Alternative Remedies for Your Acne

There are a lot of different alternative remedies that a person can use to get rid of their acne. The first alternative remedy is Manuka honey. Manuka honey is a honey that comes from New Zealand. This is the only place the Manuka bush is known for growing in. The honey is often used for acne because it is a natural antibacterial and it is known for healing a lot of different wounds. It is no quite certain why the Manuka honey works so good on the acne, but as long as it works effectively on the acne then that is all that matters to the person who is using it.

The second alternative remedy is tea tree oil. The tea tree oil is the oil that comes from the small tree leaves of a tree that is located in Australia. The biggest thing that a person might have to worry about if they are using the tea tree oil is that their skin is going to become dry, irritated, itchy, and might burn a little bit. It is going to be very safe for a person to use unless they have very sensitive skin since it can cause an allergic reaction on a person’s skin.

The third alternative remedy is tannins. Tannins is a type of acid that comes from vegetables. Therefore, they are going to have a lot of natural astringent properties to them. The three most common tannins are the barks from a witch hazel, white oak, or English walnut tree. All a person has to do is to boil the bark of one of these trees to get the tannins. A person needs to stay away from any of the tannins that are commercially made by a variety of different companies. The whole process of making the tannins can remove some of the tannins from the oil.

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The fourth alternative remedy is the acids that come from a variety of different fruits. Some of these fruits can include lemons, grapefruits, and limes. These fruit acids can include citric, gluconic, gluconolactone, glycolic, malic, and tartaric acids that come from the different fruits. All of these fruits are going to have the natural properties that can remove some of the dead skin from the person’s face. This dead skin is most of the time what is going to cause the person to have a lot of acne on their face. The more fruit that a person eats, the less likely that the acne might show up on a person’s face.

The fifth alternative remedy is Vitex. Vitex is a fruit extract that most people are going to use to treat the acne that they might have before, during, and after their menstrual cycle. This is because they are stimulate some of the follicles in a person’s skin and increase the levels of a person’s hormones in their pituitary glands. Plus it is going to help to increase the levels of progesterone in a person’s body and reduce more estrogen for a person. Therefore, if a woman is nursing or pregnant then they do not take the Vitex because it could harm the child.

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