Acne Solution Tips For Clearer Skin

Acne Solution Tips For Clearer Skin

Acne Solution Tips For Clearer Skin

There are millions, young and the old who suffer from acne. If your doctor has advised you on some topical or any other oral treatment and still if you see that this is not working then you need to take special effort in trying to research on other ways to cure these breakouts.

Topical retinoid say for example like Retin-A, Differin and Tazorac, are extremely helpful for mild as well as severe acne when they are applied at the growing stage along with other hormonal antibiotics, or benzoyl peroxide. When the antibiotics are discontinued then you can notice the skin being very clear with retinoid.

Consider laser acne treatment options

Another way by which you can treat acne is with laser light. A minimum of two to four treatments are necessary to kill this bacteria and keep skin clear for the next five months to two years.

Solution to acne treatment is pretty easy. There are plenty of acne treatment lotions that are available over the counter that are not strong enough to treat the stubborn acne. You may first try using a product which contains 10% benzoyl peroxide along with another product that contain 2% percent salicylic acid. A daily routine has to be faithfully maintained and if your skin does not show any significant improvement then you should see a dermatologist immediately.

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Lot of people suffering from acne has tried plenty of products that hardly give any improvement in solving this problem of acne. It is very frustrating at times as dealing with acne is a menace. But you may not lose hope and continue trying various products till the time a particular product seems to work on your acne. You can completely get rid of acne although it may take some months or years.

It is important to understand why all or some of the acne products sold in the market do not work on you while it is working on someone else. In this case it is very important to know if getting rid of acne is a prime goal of yours. A lot of products are designed in a way that can simply attack the existing pimples instead of focusing on the prevention and really attacking the causes of acne – this is a big problem! They don’t pay attention to the root cause of the problem but merely try to remove one pimple at a time after their appearance on the skin. They cannot in any case stop the prevention of the acne from coming.

It ends up in wasting lot of money to treat this problem. It hardly makes any difference because the new pimples keep arising. What is the use of treating a particular pimple when new pimples keep arising elsewhere on your skin? It will end up you spending lots of money with no result. So the main acne solution will lie on you trying to understand the problem and give treatment to the source. There are specific bacteria that causes acne, irritation of the skin, skin pores that are blocked and skin glands that are overactive.

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