Acne – Some Basic Information

Acne – Some Basic Information

Acne – Some Basic Information

A consultation with your dermatologist is the first thing that you should do if are suffering from acne. Nevertheless, there are many natural remedies and habits of life that can improve substantively the conditions of the skin and relieve this ailment. Let us see some of these simple cares that can help us with this uncomfortable condition.

Acne is a disease of the skin that has numerous causes, and some of them are heritable and hormonal conditions, and the use of some medications and cosmetics. The continuous nervous tension is also accepted as a triggering factor of the acne.

You must not use products to fight acne without a previous consultation with the dermatologist. Although there is a lot of advertising on the television and the internet, probably the product is not suitable for your particular ailment. Some of them can contain chemicals in the formula, and can aggravate the acne. Although the astringent lotions and the sulphur soaps do not have adverse effects, a professional advice from the specialist is a must to find the most convenient product for you. It is the same case with cosmetics, because they can aggravate some types of acne.

Do not touch your face with your hands without having them very clean, because the germs that are passed to the skin can aggravate the acne. Never press the skin since this is inconvenient for the acne.

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When you take a shower do not drop the water from the hair toward the face. The dirt of the hair and the head, in some cases can aggravate the acne illness.

The sun exposure must be very prudent and in accordance with the medical indications. For some cases of acne the sun is beneficial, but for others it could have adverse consequences. Also, the sun creams for people with acne are unique for each particular case.

The acne is no longer associated with the consumption of chocolates and some fats, but a proper diet is important for the overall health and the nutrition of the skin. It must be complete and rich in vitamins, fruits, low-fat milk, vegetables, lean meats and integral grains.

When the lack of hormonal balance is the cause of the acne, the hatha yoga and the relaxation are great to restore the hormonal balance. It does not mean that this discipline will cure the acne, but without doubt it works restoring the harmony of the glands and the vital organs.

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